What are your options for cycling with kids?

What are your options for cycling with kids?

It's totally possible to go cycling with kids! Follow our advice to find the perfect transport solution.

In many ways, the arrival of a baby turns your life completely upside down. But contrary to what you might think, it doesn't necessarily put paid to your outdoor adventures. With a few changes and the right equipment, there are all sorts of activities you can do accompanied by your little one. Starting with bike rides!

Hitting the road as a family is totally possible! It's a great way to make memories together in the great outdoors in a way that you wouldn't otherwise. Fancy a bit of an adventure? All that remains is to pick the perfect transport option so that you can ride with your little one(s). 

What type of ride are you planning? From what age can you ride with kids?This 4-step mini guide walks you through some of the different equipment you'll need if you want to cycle with the whole family. We take a look at trailers, the Follow Me towing device, child seats, and the option of kids riding their own bikes.

What are your options for cycling with kids?

The child bike trailer

The child trailer is the most common option if you want to head out on your bike with the kids. It's versatile, keeps your child comfortable, and is safe and reassuring, making it perfect for a family bike ride.

In short:
Age for using the trailer: 9 months to around 6 years
Use: from short rides near home to world tours
Advantages: a cosy cocoon that's sheltered from the weather
Disadvantages: passive transport mode, weight and resistance when cycling uphill

Want to find out more? Discover our detailed advice on heading out with your child in the best conditions!

The follow me

The Follow Me is the perfect solution for kids of a certain age. It's just what you need once they're too big to sit passively inside a trailer, but not yet strong and independent enough to keep up with the family on their own bike.

In short:
Age for using the Follow Me: 3 to 9 years
Uses: from day-long rides to bike-touring holidays
Advantages: encourages autonomy
Disadvantages: less comfortable, no protection from the rain

We explain all in this article!

What are your options for cycling with kids?
What are your options for cycling with kids?

The child seat

Mainly used for short trips around town, child seats are another great option for day-long or weekend-long rides, or even for longer tours when paired with a trailer. They are without doubt the easiest, most affordable way to discover the joy of family bike rides.

In short:
Age: 9 months to 5-6 years
Use: short rides and tours
Advantages: inexpensive, takes up little space, easy to use
Disadvantages: child exposed to the elements, passive transport mode, hard to mount pannier bags as well

Here are our tips on family bike rides equipped with a child seat.

What are your options for cycling with kids?

Riding their own bike

Has your child got to grips with steering, braking and changing gear? Then they're ready to ride along with you, just like a grown-up. How old do kids need to be to ride with their family? How far are they able to go? What's the best type of bike for them?

In short:
Age: 6 to 7 years
Uses: from short rides to bike tours
Advantages: teaches kids to enjoy exercise, pace themselves and take responsibility
Advantages: slower travelling speed and shorter distances with younger kids

Discover our tips on enjoying a stress-free family bike ride with your child at the reins of their own steed!

You're now all set for a big adventure with the kids! We hope this article has helped you to find the perfect solution for your next family bike ride.

What are your options for cycling with kids?

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