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Looking for a recreational activity that lets you decompress, explore, and enjoy unique experiences? Search no more! Try touring on a hybrid bike today! From short rides near home to day-long tours to multi-day adventures, get out and enjoy nature like never before... by bike!Your hybrid bike will quickly become your trusty companion in this cycling sport that you're sure to fall in love with! 

Those who ride hybrid bikes say that this sport, which is both physically active and easy to enjoy with others, is an excellent way to make new discoveries and get a great breath of fresh air! Want to also set out to explore nature whether on paved roads, bike paths, forest trails, or single tracks? Check out these tips from Team Decathlon.

1/ What is hybrid bike touring?

Great for all regardless of cycling level, hybrid bike touring is an outdoor activity that consists of cycling, either alone or in a small group, along paths and roads with little traffic.

Hybrid bike touring is done on relatively flat, safe terrain without pushing yourself or focusing on performance. A hybrid bike makes this possible through an excellent balance between a town bike and a mountain bike, and particularly its emphasis on riding comfort, light weight, and a high degree of versatility. On this bike, every trail opens up to you; you can now comfortably take on tow paths, recyclable paths in urban parks, forest trails, marked dirt tracks, etc.

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2/ What are the benefits of cycle touring?

Taking a break from your daily routine, getting some fresh air, toning your muscles, these are just a few of the reasons why hybrid bike touring is good for you! " exclaims David, age 38, who has been biking regularly since he was 6 years old. "Great for your health, your body, and your mind. Start today and ride often! "
Let's take a quick look at the main benefits of hybrid bike touring:

- Want to relax and get some fresh air as a family but only have a few hours available? Go for a family bike ride! As you set out from home, ride through urban parks and along bike paths at your own pace, stopping regularly along the way.

- Interested in exploring your region or the one where you will be vacationing? Go for a day-long ride. It's the perfect way to explore your surroundings, discover beautiful scenery, and enjoy riding safely on lovely roads and marked trails.

- Want to plan an out-of-the-ordinary holiday for a weekend or a couple of weeks? Why not go on a cycling tour? Whether you spend the night at campsites, hostels, or do wilderness camping, a cycling holiday can be a great cultural experience. Visit museums and explore historical monuments along the way, as you ride along dedicated bike routes and marked trails with family or friends.

- And finally, if you have the true soul of an adventurer, try long-distance journeying by bike! It's an unusual way to get out and see other cultures, to have a connection with nature, and relax in a different way from the everyday.

3/ Is hybrid bike cycling right for you?

Want to discover nearby sights for a few hours or an entire day, or set off on a multi-day adventure? Hybrid bike cycle touring is what you've been looking for! This activity is great for all ages, genders and athletic levels. 

However, while there are no specific contraindications, it is not recommended for those with serious back or joint problems. Don't forget to ask your doctor or a sports doctor first, so you can set off with peace of mind.

Remember that hybrid bike touring is a full-fledged sport that anyone can do! Once you try it, you're sure to be hooked!


4/ The equipment you need to do hybrid bike touring

After all, You don't need any special clothing for hybrid bike cycle touring. We simply recommend that you take:

- comfortable clothes, such as trousers or shorts, as well as a t-shirt made from breathable fabric. As for footwear we recommend trainers.  - a must-have helmet for safety

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- sunglasses and sun block if riding in sunny weather. If on the other hand it looks like rain, wear a second layer such as a long-sleeved top and a waterproof jacket.

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Besides a pannier rack and mudguards, the following accessories are essential for a well equipped hybrid bike tour:

- A handlebar bag that provides quick and easy access to "small items" such as your keys, phone, energy bars for a quick recharge during breaks, etc. Also, make sure you set off with a bottle at hand in your bottle cage and don't forget to drink from it frequently especially when riding in hot weather.

- A frame bag with a built-in smartphone holder is a great way to carry your belongings plus a bike repair kit.

- A pannier rack bag is usually attached onto the pannier rack at the rear. This is a waterproof bag that is ideal for carrying a picnic, or the belongings you need for a multi-day trip (bed roll, sleeping bag, change of clothes, etc.).

- Hand pump: keep a universal pump (fits all valves) in your bag in case you have to reinflate your tyres on your ride.

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In short: hybrid bike touring is an outdoor activity that consists of riding short or long distances on a hybrid bike over a variety of terrain. Ready to roll? Join one of the many clubs and associations dedicated to this recreational activity! Schedule some time to discover this physically active and low-key activity that allows you to calmly explore nature on roads and paths!


Caroline Segoni

"Ever since I first rode a bike, I've been hooked on cycling. Be it solo, with family or with friends, I simply love exploring the forests of Picardy, the mountain bike trails of the Chaîne des Puys and France's many dedicated cycling routes. It's so much fun cruising along the trails and discovering the local architecture, culture, art and cuisine. It's a passion I share through my blog, Graines De Baroudeurs, and in my travelogue, Notre Tour à 7 Roues, which tells the story of the 8-month cycling tour of France I did with my kids.

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